Friday, September 2, 2011

Trips to the Mailbox

Lately AARP has been sending me a new membership card monthly, I don't reply, so another month goes by and here comes another membership card.  Now I did join AARP long time ago, didn't read their magazine, didn't find any benefits that I just could not live without so I never renewed.  Now why don't they get the idea that I am not interested. 

Another annoying bit of mail was all the address labels I get.  I finally started replying without sending money asking to be taken off their mailing lists.  I have enough return address labels that will last me way beyond my years left here on earth.  I have even used them to identify my books, casserole dishes, anything I need to get back and yet I still have an abundant supply.  I have ones with dogs, cats, snowflakes, lady bugs, frogs, flags, flowers, whales, butterflies and I can't remember the rest.  I sent 23 requests in one month to 23 different charities asking to be taken of their lists.  I think they are finally getting the message.  I will only need more labels should I decide to move and that is not likely.

I take the Sunday paper only, just cause it has the store ads, not that I want to buy anything from them but once in awhile I do.  But then on Tuesday I get a mailbox full of paper that I just drop in the recycle bin, one is CVS Pharmacy, but then I read that one on Sunday, oh and then, all the pizza coupons, from Pizza Parlors that I don't care for their pizzas plus they don't deliver way out here beyond the sidewalk.

Every week I fill a large bag or two of just junk mail or advertisements I don't want.  Now there is a place where we could save a tree or even a forest.

I forgot ... semi monthly I get a card from the Neptune Society for me to set up and appointment to make arrarangement for my cremation.  Do they know something I don't.  Every other month they are pushing me to make that decision.

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