Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sloppy Concrete Work

When I moved here I noticed some sloppy concrete work in a couple of places.  Now I am thankful for the sloppy concrete and want to add more.  I hate trimming feet on sheep and goats, and if they are kept on soft ground their feet need constant trimming.  The sheep in the pasture with the sloppy concrete never need their feet trimmed.  Previous owner used a concrete culvert pipe about 2 ft tall, filled the center with concrete and made a nice water trough, then dumped left over concrete about 2 ft around the outside of the pipe, leaving a rough surface.  Anytime the sheep go to get water they are wearing their hoofs down on the rough concrete.  This could also be done at gates or alleys where stock moves back and forth.  Ahhhh another project on the to do list.

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