Sunday, January 8, 2012

Another Great Day at the Thrift Store

I almost didn't stop at the Salvation Army Store last week, I had to make
an emergency trip to the vet and I had 3 dogs with me .... oh well, I just take a
quick look around. 

My latest finds ... I didn't photograph all the trays and cups
5 Candlewick Snack Trays
8 Candlewick Cups
3 Candlewick Ball Stem Glasses
1 Wide Mouth Kerr Canning Jar

A nice Lantern, needs a little cleaning

9" J. Godinger and Co.
"Still Life"

A small decorative plate with grapes and vines

The total cost of the items on the price tags was $34.40
but there was something called a "rack discount"
add to that my senior discount
and I paid only $17.59 for all 20 items.


  1. Awesome finds! Lucky scores on the Candlewick. You know they caught my eye! Also love the Godinger plate. So lovely.

  2. Couldn't pass up the Godinger Plate since I got the 2 Pier One Import fruit plates from England and Italy. Looks like I started another subset of collections, lol. Let's see, Candlewick, Doorstops, Cookie Jars, anthing sheep or goats, sad irons, Christmas Nutcracker ornaments and decorations, Teddy Bears, the list is long.

  3. Wow! What a nice selection you came away with!! Good job! :)

  4. You scored at the Salvation Army store, must have been your lucky day. And to think I used to have two sets of eight of those candlewick luncheon tray with cup sets. I think they were wedding shower gifts which were quite "in" in the 60s but soon faded out . . . and now they are collector items. It's funny how that happens and now I could kick myself for getting rid of them!