Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Bella

Bella is a year old today, I tried earlier to post her picture and I finally had to give up and go
 out and do chores.   Hopefully the next couple of days I won't have a problem posting pictures.  Yesterday brought 2 more lambs and another one late this afternoon.  So glad the freezing overnight temperatures are leaving us.  Found some good finds at the thrift store today and hope I can download those pictures soon.


  1. Beautiful GP!! We are going to celebrate our GP Daisy's 2nd birthday in a few months. She's still such a wild thing!! She'll never be a livestock dog. :-( But she's a good guard dog. Our neighbors have a whole slew of Cane Corsos (he's a breeder) that are ever trying to drive her (and us) crazy!! But she would hold her own I'm sure if they ever got into her fence! Anyway, Congratulations!! :-)

  2. Woof woof ruff ruff woof! (translated: Happy Birthday Bella!). She is just beautiful!

  3. Happy Happy Birthday Bella - my Kasha, Chief and Sophie send all the best and I send snug and hugs.

  4. She is a beautiful girl!! Glad you got your picture to upload and looking forward to seeing the lambs.

  5. Your Bella is such a beauty! Was she an unwilling participant in your photo session? ;)

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  6. Liz,

    The unwilling one was blogland, my photo would not load the first time I tried. I have been having some take over a half hour to load, so I quit and try another time. I thought I had a sneaky way to post pictures of the lamb graffitti, I could see them but then no one else in blogland could so I had to go back and wait long time for load. Also I cannot load more than one picture at a time. I have to leave blog, go out and come back to add another picture. Frutstrating.