Sunday, April 8, 2012

New Addition and some this and that .................

I have been trying to download this picture for several days now .... then I remembered someone asking about needing to acquire more space on Picasa ..... hmmm .... when all else fails read instructions.... now if I could just find the instructions.  Well I went to Picasa and found pictures that I could not load on some days, and then I found duplicates .... now I need to find instructions on deleting duplicates. 

Anyway this is the second calf (belongs to my daughter) I just get the fun of watching the two of them run and play, til I run out of pasture grass here.

 Turning the sheep out on the top pasture in the mornings ........

Here is another picture I found that I tried to download sometime ago ... Fonzie snoozing standing up

And the ponies ......

this was the first Boer Billy born, don't remember if I already posted his picture


  1. glad you've got the 2 calves now. your ponies are awfully cute, too.

  2. You can almost hear the "wheeeeee!" as the sheep hit the pasture! Great pics!

  3. I'm glad you were able to share the pictures, they are very cute!! I don't remember seeing the little Boer billy, he looks like he has a butterfly on top of his head! :)