Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lamb Races and new Addition

 Young lambs are so full of energy and so much fun to watch them running and playing with each other.

And their off and running

There were 18 running the ditch, couple of them must be down inside

Getting ready to turn around and do it again ..................

Bull calf, mama is Red Angus, papa is a Hereford, where did this color come from? 

 He sure is cute tho, but he is not mine, moved my cows out to be with bull and brought 2 of my daughters cows here that were due to calve, still waiting on the other one.


  1. A LAMB race... well I'll be. Can't say I've seen that before. Too cute. Wonder if it's just spring fever.
    That calf is beautiful. I like its pale color.
    Good luck with the breeding and birthing.

  2. he's a pretty fella. those lambs are too sweet!

  3. What a fun race to watch! I would be just laughing my butt off watching them! Thanks for a fun post.

  4. How fun to watch the lambs run and run! :)
    I like the color on the baby bull.