Tuesday, April 10, 2012

You know I just had to buy it ........................

I stopped by a local yarn shop today and when I left I thought I would check out the antique store next door, there are lots of antique stores in this little town all within a few blocks of each other, but I had never been in this one.  As soon as I saw this sheep cookie jar I knew I had to bring it home with me because ......

it matches this spoon rest I have had for over 20 years......

Foxgloves and Iris are blooming



I'll get to eat my second strawberry soon


  1. I would have snatched it up in a second! Nice find!

  2. Your foxgloves and other flowers are lovely! (And I totally agree, you just had to buy that cute sheep jar that matches your spoon!)

  3. Enjoyed all the pictures. Your irises have such an old-fashioned look to them . . . just beautiful. Gave me a very calm, serene feeling. (And I needed that!) Thanks!

  4. Very cute! Your flowers are really blooming! I'm growing strawberries too :)

  5. Oh yeah, you definitely had to buy the cookie jar!! :)
    Your irises are soooo pretty! All I have so far are the dark purple ones.

  6. Love anything with sheep! I like your strawberry planter too. I've had a terrible time with my strawberries every year. They keep getting invaded by wire grass. That stuff is trying to take over my homestead world.