Sunday, July 8, 2012

Did someone say HOT, did someone say DRY?

Well in California we call that dry heat ............ Here is picture of what is left of the pasture.  Only thing green around here are the trees.


Can you tell which tree is planted near the leaky water faucet?  Both those trees were planted the same day. And the same time as the row of trees in the picture above.

This last week I planted 3 more Poplar trees.

Plus I have 3 Fruitless Mulberry Trees to put in sheep pens, just need to get together fence material to put around the trees before planting them within sheep's reach.   


  1. I feel your pain ... we are going through it too. Pray for rain!

  2. oh lordy. that top photo just makes me cringe. please, please no fires in your area!

  3. Yes I would say it is dry and HOT. I hope you don't have any wildfires in AZ.


  4. I know what you are writing about. We are in California too. I understand completely.
    That first photo is what all of our hills look like. I pray that no one lights a match or throws a careless cigarette.
    I'm learning to deal with the heat, but fire is my greatest fear after last summer's fire that almost took our home and animals.
    It's suppose to get hotter for a couple of days.
    Hang in there.

  5. I have two advanatages here, I live near Cal Fire Station, about 5 minutes away, and property is divided up so I can move stock around. Biggest concerns are mainly someone out mowing in the dry grass or cars, off roaders, driving thru the dry grass. Other advantages are 2 lakes and the river in the area and a large pond in the neighboring orange grove. So far when there have been wildfires in the area they are quick to bring out helicopters or air support if needed.

  6. Wow, your pasture sure dried up! Love the picture of the two trees, uh...I think it's the one on the right!! ;-)
    Hope ya'll get some rain soon.

  7. Good grief. You are so brave to be planting trees in the hot and dry. Do the sheep eat the mulberries or are they for shade. Or maybe silk worms? :)

  8. Oh, that picture of your pasture is so sad. What in the world can we do to bring rain to your area and everywhere else that needs it so badly? You can't raise animals or grow crops without adequate rain.