Friday, July 27, 2012

This week (and a half) in pictures ................

No that is not a fire, that is a typical summer sunset when you live in an area that has poor air quality during the summers.  Makes for beautiful sunsets tho .......................

Don't know why Blogger will let me put space in between some photos but not let me delete them.  And it won't let me type between the next two pictures.  Had to include the big oak tree by my back porch.

Drove by the old barn again last week, don't know if
more has fallen down or just easier to notice the damage due to better lighting when I took this picture.

I have got to stop thinking I need to buy every neat item I find, I am running out of room, oh wait, I have a green kitchen in the little house out back, that would be a good place for it.  If you can't read the labels on the drawers there is Lavender, Dill, Thyme, Rosemary, etc.  I should have taken a better picture.  For now it is in guest bedroom.  It would also be good for seed storage in a potting shed.  I had stopped by to see a friend that is having to close her shop due to health reasons, and I could not leave without it.


  1. the apothecary cabinet is really cute. :) the 2nd sunset photo is just gorgeous! and that poor beautiful barn...

  2. Gorgeous pictures! Love that little cabinet and agree it would be perfect for storing seeds in! I sometimes have the same problem with pictures with Blogger too. Drives me nuts!!

  3. Beautiful shots! That color is gorgeous!

  4. Love the barn picture . . . although it makes me sad, too.