Saturday, August 4, 2012

Aliens? / Critters / Weather

Last night doing chores I notice strange streaks in the sky, aliens flying thru my clouds ?


This is Brock, loves to have his chin scratched

and his ears

Fonzie came to have his picture taken too

It is cloudy today, as much as I would like to see rain, not now
I just had 80 bales of alfalfa hay delivered Thursday and the
stack is way to tall for me to try to tarp by myself, hay guy did 
knock down about 8 bales for me, he caught me looking at the
height of the stack.

Weather man on TV said thunder showers are possible in
the Sierras, hopefully the rain will be a little further up
in elevation if it does.

Keeping my fingers crossed ................


  1. oh, i wish i could help you tarp that hay so you could get some rain, too!

  2. Brock and Fonzie are cutie pies. Sure hope and pray you get rain soon.


  3. Do you have to store all that hay outside? No building to put it in?

  4. Hello, hope it rains for you, neat sky,wow!! Oh, I love Brock and Fonzie, sweet animals, enjoy seeing pictures of them. Blessings Francine.

  5. I've never seen lines in clouds like that. Those are gorgeous!

  6. The thunder and lightening is suppose to be dry... but that means a chance of lightening starting fires. I just wish Fall would come.
    Love you animals and your alien clouds.

  7. Cool streaks through the clouds! :)
    I hope you get your hay tarped before the rains make it your way.

  8. Having your hay untarped is almost as tempting to rain as washing your car or hanging your laundry outside to dry. Hope you were able to get everything under cover and enjoy some rain.

  9. Brock and Fonzie are so sweet looking. Great sky photos. We finally had much needed rain, unfortunately it rained so fast and quick that it caused some flooding.

  10. LOVE your sky pics...
    I hope you get your hay in the dry before it rains.
    Isn't it funny how when you need rain it never comes... until you DON'T want it to come? *haha*

  11. I'm back online and trying to get caught up! Love the cloud photos. Did you get any of that rain? Brock is so handsome!