Friday, August 3, 2012

ALBC / Clouds, Sun and Moon

As a member of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy I also follow them on Facebook.  Today they have a post regarding livestock and drought conditions.  I think this information would be of interest to anyone raising livestock.  And if you don't have any rare breed of livestock maybe it would be a good time to consider adding some.

And now for a few pictures (I remembered to take my camera out with me) .............

Big puffy cloud over the Sierras 

Morning sun coming thru the trees, and yes there is a power line  in the picture


And the moon was still out this morning when I did chores 


  1. lovely sky shots! those big roiling orange clouds are neat!

  2. Love the pictures and will be reading the article. Since I have many breeds that really can withstand much that mother nature can throw at them I understand most are not so lucky. There was great reasons those animals where here and why we should have never screwed with them. I too am a member of the Conservative Breeders org. Wished more would take notice. Thanks

  3. Hello, love the shots, that moon is so beautiful. Thanks for taking your camera,Francine.

  4. Three distinct and beautiful shots!

  5. Beautiful skies and it's okay to have a power line occasionally, at least I hope so 'cause I sure do! LOL!!