Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Paper Coffee Filters

If you use paper coffee filters and put your coffee grounds in the compost pile, save the paper filters, I use them in the bottom of one gallon flower pots to prevent the soil from washing out the bottom. I recycle black and white print newspaper in a couple of layers in larger pots.

Out of Date Milk

When my girls were in 4H Dairy Goat project the leader asked the 4Her's what they did with all their goat milk, since showing dairy goats in milk meant they needed to be milked twice a day. One of the girls admitted she did not like goats milk and just dumped it in their garden. What a waste. BUT, several years later I read that you should rinse out your milk cartons and water your tomatoes with the water. Even better I have since taken out of date milk, I always seems to have a half cup or so left, I would add water to fill the gallon jug and water the garden. Tomatoes love calcuim, and had a nice abundant crop of tomatoes. No tomatoes, then I added it to compost pile.

Old Socks/Sweat Shirt Sleeves

Several years ago I fell for commercial for Swiffer mops, well instead of buying more disposable pads I take old socks that have holes in them (sorry, mom, I remember all the years you spent darning my socks) and cut them long ways. They fit on the mop head, then just tuck into the slots same as Swiffer pads.

Another use for old socks is for baby goats or lambs, use the cuff for the neck, cut a slit on each side of the heal for kid/lamb front legs, then cut from middle of foot to toe open. A large sock will keep a small kid/lamb warm for first couple of days. Long sleeves from sweat shirts can also be used to help keep newborns warm for first few days. I match sock or sleeve to size of newborn, before I begin cutting, then adjust openings for each one specifically.

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