Monday, October 10, 2011

OUT !!!

Out, just a three letter word, but can be said as out, Out or as in this morning OUT!  I ran out of coffee a couple days ago, but instead of going 15 miles to town for coffee decided on using up some of my many tea bags instead.  But then this morning was an OUT morning, took the dogs out and standing by the garage was one of the heifers OUT of the pasture and in the yard.  Well all 5 were OUT and must have had a nice night playing in the yard, 3 bales of hay had big chunks out.  They decided to check out the patio, flower pots knocked over, but they stayed in the planters and off the patio.  Thank goodness for Dollar, cows did not like angry barking dog and put themselves away.  Note to self make sure gate is tied shut.  I think I over used the word out. By the way looking out the window the sun is going to be out and it's going to be a nice day.

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  1. I hope tomorrow is an IN day, at least for the cattle! Thanks for your visit to my blog. Fortunately I had my tetanus booster last year when I had an incident with rusty barbed wire. Why do I have these incidents?! It's good for 10 years, they said, so I was spared another jab!