Saturday, October 29, 2011


Finally, got new tires on the stock trailer yesterday, so today was trip to auction day.  I have had 11 of the Dorpers that I decided I did not want to keep for replacements penned and waiting to go to the sale.  At the price of hay I wish they had gone month or two ago.  Although price on sheep was good, goats were selling much higher.  Time to run an ad for Dorper lambs that are ready to wean, and 4 goats, need to make room for next lambing/kidding go round.  After having the Angoras sheared a couple weeks ago, a few does look awfully rotund like maybe they will be kidding before the end of the year.  Since they were with the billy anything is possible.

Rain we had last month was so welcomed, grass sprouted, then nice warm days and grass was looking really good, now between the sheep and the dry weather grass is drying up.  We could really use another good rain.

With Daylight savings time ending I need to get several outside projects finished (I know we will have the same number of hours of daylight but I am not a morning person, lol).  And the days are getting shorter too.

Right now Iron Chef is on TV .................... If I had to eat the things they prepare I would rather starve, chef could not even pronounce one of the items he is serving, and one made sorbet by using liquid nitrogen.  Makes you not ever want to eat in a restaurant.


  1. You are sure right about the price of hay! We are down to one horse and three goats because of it! Your comment about Iron Chef is funny and TRUE!! LOL!!

  2. I read a blog last night where alfalfa hay is $25 a bale in the SF Bay Area. Thankfully it is only $18 here and alfalfa grass is $14. I just need more rain to get pastures going again, then I will only have to feed small amount of hay so they have some dry matter. I can buy it much cheaper by the semi truck load but then if it rains and gets moldy I haven't saved anything.