Thursday, October 6, 2011

Playing Match Maker

Going to be time to put rams in with the ewes soon.  Instead of breeding the ram I bought with the same 5 ewes this year, I am going to breed one of the ram lambs to 2 of the older ewes.  Since all 5 ewes last year had twins I am thinking of holding off til next year on breeding the ewe lambs.  Then next year I will purchase an outside ram for the 6 yearling ewes, and any new ewe lambs from next crop.

Original ewes purchased from Diana Flowers, Sierra Shetlands,
 whites: l to r, Macey, Flo, Pebble
Blacks: lto r, Ousta, Ollie

Rams, Alan will be bred again to Ousta and Ollie, love the color of their lambs, and one of the white ewes. 

MHF Alan

Buster will be bred to 2 of the white ewes after rechecking pedigrees and background
colors and 2011 lamb colors.
Buster is an Alan/Ousta breeding 2011 lamb.  Love his coloring.

TLL Buster

Check out 6 ewe lambs from 2011 on my Tombstone Livestock Blog.  Love the variety of colors.  There were 7 ewe lambs unfortunately a Moorit lamb caught her leg in a wire feeder and broke the rear leg half way below the hip.  Vet put her in a splint but because the break was so high up she will never be able to support the weight of lambs, hope to find her a pet / fiber home where there is not a ram.

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