Sunday, March 11, 2012

8 and counting ..................................

Well I have been trying to load pictures for several days, even left puter on overnight thinking maybe the picture would finally load.  Even though the bar shows that the picture has loaded, I still get the circle of dots.  So no pictures but here is the latest there are now 8 Dorper lambs and the "Ewe's Fat" ladies that I did get pictures to post are still FAT, and there are 4 or 5 more out there that are as fat.  The ewe that lambed last night was going to get a green dot on her shoulders as her mark.  I was leaning over the feeder to mark her and soon as she heard the PFFFFT from the spray can she bolted, so she has a long green racing stripe down her back, so naturally had to mark babies to match. 

Boer babies count is 3, 2 billies and 1 doe.  One of my Boer does has always had twin billies, this year she had her first doe.


  1. have you cleared your browser history/cache lately? just wondering why you're not able to load pix. how frustrating!

  2. I had to laugh about the ewe with her green racing stripe! Sorry about the picture loading issues, I know how frustrating that can be!

  3. Arrrgh! Computer problems. They are often beyond me and I have to call in computer expert daughter.

    Sounds as if you're in the midst of birthing season with lots going on. Stay strong!