Friday, March 23, 2012

Wonder why I never get anything done ..................................

 After I finished my 2 cups of coffee this morning and check several blogs,  I went out and moved 10 yearling dorpers up to the top pasture and noticed the mail man was making his deliveries early again today.  Decided to go get the mail, before finishing chores.  As I walked out the driveway I noticed this ewe with triplets and another ewe with twins and ............. a stupid older lamb with his head stuck in the fence all out in the front pasture by the road.  So, went and helped the stupid one get his head out of the fence, brought the ewe with triplets across the driveway to the pasture with the rest of the lambs.  Then went back for the other ewe and her twins.  By then the rest of the 30 sheep were hanging out at the gate thinking they would join us.  After taking the lambs out, got the ewe to the  gate only to have the lambs crawl back thru bottom of the gate to her.  Finally got one lamb, put it in the stock trailer, good way to get them to call holler for mama, chased the rest away from the gate and got her moved across the driveway.

Triplet ram lambs

Twin ewe lambs

One set of Wednesday's twins, ,,,,,,,,,,
notice their matching outfits?

They are everywhere ...............
 hmmm don't see all my graffiti some has faded from the rains

Forgot about the 2 white Angora Billy Goats born last week, both singles.

So my to do list just continues to get longer and longer.  And in about 6 weeks the Shetland ewes should be lambing ............... can't wait.  You know what, I bet the dust, cobwebs and laundry will be waiting for me and the weeds too.


  1. Wow! Ewe (heehee) are busy! Funny thing about to-do lists, just like your sheep, they just keep multiplying! Have a good weekend anyway!

  2. You sure are a busy lady. How do you keep track of it all?

  3. Yep! And I'm not trying to raise a bunch of babies! Sigh.

  4. I know that list!! Congrat's on the babies and don't worry about the dust and cobwebs there will always be more.

  5. I lived in CA for 17 years. :o) The scenery in your blog is beautiful to me! The closest I get to sheep in my area are the mindless zombies that populate my suburb. The concept of "You were born original, don't die a clone" is lost on most of them. Your sheep are much cuter than mine!!

  6. The to-do list never gets shorter when you have animals, and you have a LOT of sheep and lambs to keep track of and care for! Love the green racing stripe mom and her lambs! LOL!!