Saturday, March 17, 2012

Change my name to Sara .............

I have tried several more times to post pictures of lambs/kids.  I had started this post some time ago with the intentions of adding some newer pictures.  I think we are getting our total rainfall for the season last night and today and it is windy and cold.  Since I can't post new pictures here are some older ones ................. here is an old picture of my patio, this year there are lots more daffodils in bloom right now. Table below is now just behind where the chair is.
Part of the patio with planter box

Then I built a table using dry stacked cinder blocks for support, with shelf underneath.

If anyone knows the story of Sarah Winchester and the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CA, then you know she was little crazy slightly the left side of normal and kept building and building her house. Well then I guess I come by some of my projects honestly since I had 3 great grandmothers named Sara or Sarah, and one named Martha Ann, but I sure don't take after Martha Stewart. I started a small patio behind my house 2 years ago using concrete pavers and concrete blocks and caps. Some 700 pavers and untold blocks and caps and I am not done yet. Just went and bought a few more.  I have paved across the back of the house, and built a walkway around the west side of the house with another small patio.  I am now adding another planter to the left of the table and will add some more pavers to the right of the table to enlarge that area.

One of my planters is 3 blocks high for strawberrys, I planted lettuce and chinese cabbage down the center and then strawberries in all the holes around the outside.  Another planter has lettuce, brocolli, and brussel sprouts with caps around the tops of the blocks.  Having the planters this height keeps the dogs out of my veggies.  I do plant tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and corn in the ground in a separate area.  I planted peas Thursday in the new planter that is also 3 blocks high.  One of these days I will count all the pavers, blocks and caps that I have bought.


  1. ha ha. there are worse obsessions, at least! :)

  2. You are a busy lady. I love the first picture of your patio. The center planter is beautiful.
    Unlike the Sarah of Winchester fame, you are in control and seem to have a plan. I've seen her house and unless you start building a concrete block staircase to nowhere, I think you will be all right.
    Love that cinder block table. Nice job!

  3. I too really like the cinder block table, what a great idea and I love the picture of your flowers all in bloom! I visited the Winchester House many years ago, very fun and interesting!

  4. Just catching up on your blog. Love your patio and garden projects!!! I love concrete blocks but DH doesn't. :-( Congrats on the new additions!! :-)

  5. Around here Cinder blocks might have a chance not to be blown away but with the wind today I am not even sure they would stay put. Thanks for sharing your lovely patio.

  6. How nice to be able to live outdoors so much. I love that table, too! What a great idea. Unfortunately, I have very little flat land - it's all angles and rocks.