Sunday, March 25, 2012

I like toys so much .......................

I bought myself another one.  It's a Newer Spreader, manure spreader, along with the manure I added pasture seed and spread it several places on the pastures.  If it improves the grass I will seriously seed some pastures next year.  I used a rye, orchard grass, clover mix, if we continue to have rain in the forecast I may get one more bag of seed.

Dollar likes to go out and play with my toys too ...................


  1. tee hee! yay for toys that are practical too!

  2. I've seen tons of commercials for this on RFD-TV. It looks like it would work quite well and be a handy "toy". Hope you like it!

  3. It's great especially since I can add seed, gypsum, lime, etc. to the manure to spread. It is also lightweight enough to move it around by hand, even loaded it in pen alley and rolled it out by hand to hook up to the hitch. If anyone needs a really useful piece of equipment this one is well worth the cost. I do have 2 non working antique manure spreaders that make good yard decorations, lol.

  4. We LOVE our Newer Spreader! Well, hubby does, he's in charge of barn chores! LOL!!
    I will have to tell him the tip about adding the grass seed right in with the manure, he's been wanting to seed part of our pasture.

  5. Any woman who can be excited about getting a manure spreader is okay in my book! Love it.

    1. For all the women that have license plate frames that say "I'd rather be shopping at Macy's" I want mine to say "I'd rather be shopping at Tractor Supply" ...LOL