Friday, April 5, 2013

It could have been a really nice day, could have....

One of my daughter's birthday was Wednesday, I was going to take her to lunch but since she had a few days off we went to Breakfast this morning instead.  Did a little shopping and then came back home, she was going to help me do some yard work.  I just got my high wheel weedeater out of the shop 2 weeks ago, and she had her hand held one, we were going to attack all the dry foxtails and weeds that were getting out of control around the back of the house.  My weedeater stalled in the tall grass, a sign I usually take as I need a break, went and got us some cold bottles of water, came back to start my machine and the little red rubber bubble you pump for gas before you start ....... was leaking gas every time I pushed it.  Oh well, lots of other things needed to be done, so I turned on the water (split hose to water cows and plants) and watered some potted plants and couple of planters, and pulled a few weeds.  When the cows water was full I went to turn off the splitter on their hose at the faucet under my bedroom window....... wait for it ...... only been a short time since I had turned it on .... and there was a big FAT snake, a BIG, FAT, RATTLESNAKE, thank goodness she was here.  I grabbed a shovel and pitchfork, she got it with the shovel, did not kill it but put a big gash across it's body about 6" from it's head, it went under the foundation, under the bedroom, I am mentally telling myself it went their to die.  I am beginning to think since I have seen so few mice lately (I import them in hay bales) that snake has been living under the house for some time.

Another downer this week, Blain's ram lamb I was going to name Dusty, I found him dead Wednesday, he was 3 days old.  It was Blain's first lamb and she was acting strange, kept the lamb away from the others in the pen.  She stayed in the shelter so I fed her in there, didn't think much of her staying off by herself, but now I wonder why.  First time I have found a lamb that young bloated, there was not anything it would have or could have eaten to cause it.  Usually when they die at that age they have not received enough milk and their sides will be sunken it.  Friend asked me tonight if I could have another rattlesnake out by the sheep, I sure hope not.

On the brighter side, shearer called last night ... he will be here in two weeks, whoopee, I hear the weather is going to get hot again next week, these sheep look so hot with those big wool coats.

Looks like I will be wearing my big black rubber rain boots thru the summer and watching where I walk, so glad the dogs did not spot the snake first.


  1. Move yourself and those overheated sheep up here; no rattlesnakes and MUCH nicer weather!

  2. Ooo, rattlesnakes no good near the house. Hopefully it is decomposing as we speak.

    Sorry to hear about your ram lamb.

  3. I hate a snake. Papa Bear won't let me kill the black ones. I sure hope that snake is being covered by ants now and it is not the reason you lost the little lamb.

  4. I think I'd be walking around not only in high rubber boots but really cautiously and watching every step I took! We don't have rattlesnakes here, but I jump about two feet straight up whenever one of our harmless snakes slithers across the grass in front of me. Is it often that you hear of an animal being bitten by a rattler?

  5. sorry to hear about your little ram lamb. This year so far I have lost one, it was just so cold. Two ewe's gave birth about the same time, couldn't get to them fast enough. I'm getting to old to try to keep up with them ...
    Anyway, I so hear you on the snakes, I swear every year, when I go to clean the wood pile up, there is one waiting for me.
    I did have one in with the sheep 2 years ago, it killed one of my ewes ... and they will eat ALL my goose eggs!
    Have a great weekend.

  6. as soon as you started talking about yard work, my gut told me 'snake!' SO glad it didn't get you! and i do hope it will perish. i know you'd have preferred to kill it outright, but...

    really sorry about the lamb!

  7. Hopefully the jab you gave it was fatal! Snakes especially rattled ones are SCARY!!!! You should walk around your yard carrying a hoe along with wearing the tall rubber boots. We have alot of Copperheads around here. I'm not looking forward to the snakes and scorpions coming back out, it's that time of year though :/
    So sorry about your lamb :(