Saturday, April 27, 2013

Two more Shetlands ....................

Ousto and her twin ewe lambs, black with white top knots

Little white Angora billy, when ya got an itch, ya just have to do the best ya can.

Bella checking out the little Dorper ram lamb, born Wednesday morning, could not his back legs under him to stand up, brought him in and gave him some powdered colostrum, didn't think he was going to make it, but he is hanging in there and is now able to get up on his own and nurse, still a struggle and he tires out easily, but he is hanging in there.   Red marking paint on his shoulder matches mark on his mama.  

I need to get up early every morning and enjoy the sunrise over the Sierras.

I just heard on the news weather forecast .... 100+ day on it's way, way to early, it's still only April, end of April yes, but way to soon to be that hot.  Hard to believe this year is almost 1/3 over with.


  1. Morning, oh so so cute those babes......Sure hope the sweet little guy makes it, love his colors, Francine.

  2. Hope the little baby makes it. Love the sunrise. Rainy and cool here today.

  3. awwww ... just can't get enough of lamb cuteness ...
    I hope to get my shearing done in the next week or so, now that lambing is finished! Yaay ...
    Do you have to feed hay all year? I would go broke.
    Rain again this weekend, am alway happy to see it come for the grass.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. glad that sweet little one is getting stronger! that last photo is spectacular! the weather forecast? ugh!!!

  5. Yep, way too early for 100 degree weather! Yikes!
    I hope the little guy continues to improve, the others are so cute, especially the Angora! :)

  6. Over the years we've had to bring several goat kids into the house whose back legs weren't working right and bottle feed them. It doesn't always work out for us, but it's a joy when it does. Hoping yours is a success story!