Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sunrise and Ollie with Shetland #7 and #8

I got up early this morning for a very full day, started the day going to the sale with my daughter taking one of her heifers so I took along the 4 Boer goats that were ready to wean.  Afterwards we moved the 3 heifers she had here up to another ranch to meet a bull, then brought 2 of her bred cows here to stay until their calves are born.

While having my coffee this morning I got to watch the sunrise.

Such interesting cloud formations

 Vapor trail from an airplane, almost looks like the mountain is letting off steam.

And this afternoon, Ollie, one of my older ewes, had these two ewenique lambs, one ram and one ewe, a
 very flashy pair.


  1. ewenique! love it!!! congrats on one baby ewe, at least!

  2. Sounds like you had a day of musical animals yesterday! (Musical chairs? Get it?)

    Your newest little ewe and ram lamb are a flashy pair. Cute as heck!

  3. Beautiful sunrise pics and beautiful lambs.


  4. Another beautiful day. Love the babies and the wonderful sky photos.

  5. Oh boy, look at those little lambs, great color!
    I always like seeing clouds or jet contrails "coming out" of the mountains too! :)

  6. Those are such cute lambs and what a good picture of the trail from the airplane.

  7. The lambs are beautiful. And so are your sunrises. :)