Sunday, April 14, 2013

One plus Two equals Three more critters .........................................

This morning when I went out to feed one of the Pygoras I purchased last October had a little white Pygora Billy........

After spending some time working out side, I noticed the dogs running up the hill and one of the Dorper ewes, chasing Fancy off.  So off I went to check, and sure enough it looks like maybe a Dorper ram and ewe lamb.  Mama was mad enough at the dogs for giving away her hiding spot. the babies were still all wet and she was still cleaning them up so I did not check for sure what they were but did notice one is a ram as he was wagging his tail as he was already up and nursing.

Well Blogger is being a pain in the kuzoooooo, and is not loading second picture and I have chores to go do. 


  1. cute little baby.

    Always resize your pics, it makes them load faster.


  2. Good to hear this latest update even if you couldn't get all the pics loaded. Have a good week!

  3. Morning, so cute, love that face, smooch!!!! Francine.

  4. How sweet. I just can't imagine all these lovely lambs. Smart dogs huh? They knew you needed to know. Loved your last post pictures too. I love visiting you. The most beautiful scenery ever.

  5. More little cuties! How's the wind your way? It's howling here for the next three days. :(