Friday, July 19, 2013


I was trying to remember what green grass looks like here, after seeing everyone with lush green grass and still getting rain.  I went back thru  a few pictures.

This year's rainfall total, yes total for the year, was less than 7 inches, I just saw a post where someone got that more than that so far this month, and more than that in June.

Didn't even have enough rain to sprout the grass until January this year, and then it snowed in February and it froze.  Didn't have any snow here but that is close, real close.

I use a lot of this stuff.
Dollar does not ride up there, she rides shotgun up front, she was up there thinking she might find a mouse.  I import them from the feed store in the hay and for some reason I don't have to pay extra for them.

In 2010 I think we got 18 inches of rain for the year, in December the creek filled up and overflowed into the pasture.  Good for the grass not so good for the ground squirrels, the dogs and I found at least 15 that had drowned.

and more water in the east pasture.

One thing about living here, if it is raining and you need to do chores, wait and hour or so 
and it will stop raining.  

Hoping I don't have to wait until January to see green grass again.


  1. oh, i hope not, either. bless you!

    laughed at your imported mice for free! :)

  2. Wow. That second picture is really pretty...but it looks like it should be in Africa or something.

  3. Yep, the weather is getting all crazy. Surely you will get rain soon.


  4. I lived in northern CA for a decade before moving back east. I remember being so disoriented every year when the grass turned green in November. It took me years to get used to that growing cycle with the wet fall/winter and the bone dry summers. Even now, every so often I find myself completely confused about what I should expect next season-wise. I have to go back to first principles -- where I am I? What month is it? Is this a dry season or a wet season here? Should I hose down the sidewalk now or wait for the 6 days or 6 months? Honestly, all things being equal, I'd take CA. Can't beat northern CA for beauty. All things aren't equal though, so I'm learning to love the Midwest and enjoying the rain. Hang in there, fall will come. :)

  5. Weather presents its challenges no matter which way it goes, doesn't it?

    I got a kick out of your free mice comment. I've not brought home any mice from the feed store, just pantry moths.

  6. sure wish I could send you some of ours. I just took Dasko on the porch to brush him and it is thundering. We have almost reached our usual amount for the year. I always love your pictures. I haven't gotten my CS to look at the wall.

  7. Is that standing water in those photos? Oh for some of that, here. We just put a new water tank in and have it filled because we run so low on well water during the summer. We are paying for water! That's a first in 16 years.
    It's so dry here. I think I'm going to do a rain dance next week, but it probably won't do any good until November.
    I love Northern California. I've lived here all my life but these drought years are tough.

  8. I remember 2010. I walked down to the mailboxes and heard this roaring sound, turned around, thinking it was a truck behind me, but it was the creek. I haven't seen any water in it since then. They said we have 30% chance of thundershowers early this week. We'll see. No grass here either.