Monday, July 8, 2013

I have an Idea !!!!!!

If you ever watched Wife Swap or now Celebrity Wife Swap I think we should start a new TV show called Shepherd Swap.

On Shepherd Swap we could trade places for a 2 week period, that way anyone tired of the Rain, Rain, Rain could go tend sheep where it is Hot, Hot, Hot.

It would solve the problem of never being able to go anywhere due to the fact these darn critters need attention, such a  2x a day feeding, watering sometimes 3x a day.  Removing head stuck in fences, and other situations critters can get into.  If your a Shepherd, hey, your used to that.  Also you would have to be able to deal with the occasional rattlesnake lurking behind the house.

Maybe not such a good idea after all .... I would have to clean house and put away laundry.

By the way .... this pasture that was brown in April no longer exists, just did not feel it was worthwhile to take a picture of nothing but dry cracked dirt.

If it is raining where you are ... enjoy your lush green pastures and cooler weather, 
even 90 feels cool after 110 -113.  I would love a 20 degree or so drop in temperature..


  1. I know Audrey. I'm not complaining about the rain we're getting. Wish I could come and help you and bring some of the rain along.


  2. Don't know that I would swap just to see new sheep faces :) We have had heat, but nothing like yours. Bad enough that we have 90s and 90% humidity. Maybe if all of us on the right coast (as opposed to the left coast...) faced your way and blew .... well, it was an idea. How's your well holding up?

  3. Ya know, there are people who think I am absolutely bonkers for living up here near the tundra where at certain times of the year our goose bumps can freeze and fall off . . . but on days like this when it is 63° at 1:30 p.m. and the garden has just shot up 6" because of the 1.2" of rain we got Saturday night . . . I dunno. I think I'll stay here battling my battles. Don't think I'm tough enough to do what you do under your particular taxing circumstances! You're one tough lady and my hat goes off to you.

  4. oh, i wish you could do that! bless you...

  5. I'm all for it! Can I swap with you in January, or February?

  6. I was thinking your idea was really great . . . and then you went and mentioned the rattlesnakes. :-/

  7. Okay,
    I'm in ... I'll just bring my gun for the snakes ...
    My poor sheep have been cooped up for so long, they got tired of it and have been out in the rain ... I must check tho to see if their hooves have webs yet!
    Today a bit of sun, but now rain :(
    And my Shetlands HATE the rain, Cheviots don't mind to a point ...
    Still praying for our rain to head west!

  8. You had me until the least the ones here aren't poisonous or ornery....

  9. There ain't no part of that, well, except your furry critters, that I want to swap for! ;-)

  10. Yup. It would work but there is that house cleaning thing.

  11. Well you wouldn't want to come here because it looks just the same as at your place. Phew!