Monday, July 1, 2013

TdF, 113 degrees, and the reason I have sheep ..........

First off thoughts and prayers to the families of the 19 smoke jumpers that lost their lives in the Arizona fires.

This is the first year that this creek never had any water flowing thru it.  Did see one small puddle once after it rained.  The sheep do a great job of minimizing the fire danger.  Anywhere there are still clumps of grass I spread out small amounts of hay.  What they don't eat they will wear it down just walking in the area.

Anyone need any large boulders, there used to be a lot more but I gave some of the smaller ones to a neighbor for landscaping around his pool.   In exchange I got a 120 bass accordion, which is sitting in the closet in it's case, LOL, I played a 12 bass in grammer school eons ago, 120 is a lot of buttons.

I rigged up some misters using hand sprinklers, then Saturday I found some really neat brass fittings that connect to the end of my hoses with 3 nozzles on each fitting.  I forgot to take a picture of them.   They come in 2 and 4 gallons a minute, I used the 2 gallon fittings so far.  We will see how my well holds up, I think today since I am going to be putting more out I will run them for few hours this morning, then turn them off for a while and turn back on later about 3 during the hottest part of the afternoon.

I bought some fruitless mulberry trees to plant around the pens, Dollar thinks this is a good place to stop and rest and wait for me.    With this heat, I think I will put up the fencing and at least get the trees out there in the pots til I get some more holes dug.  

I signed up for the 2103 Tour de Fleece on Team My Favorite Sheep, hopefully I will get thru this back of wool from Blain's fleece, and maybe finish a few others.  For my challenge I think I will try spinning some of my angora fiber.

Here is my very, very, first skein of yarn, lumpy, bumpy, kept falling off the niddy noddy yarn, I think I will do a pillow after I do Tunisian crochet and felt it.  I have this black and a white yarn with grey, maybe stripes would look good.
11:30 am and it is already 103 degrees, it is only cooling down into the mid 80's at night.  Think I will go blog hopping and see how many are whining about all they have is rain and green grass.
Stay cool and say a prayer for the firefighters out there where ever they are.


  1. This has been a hard summer and it's only just started. It was such a tragedy, losing that entire brave group. My heart and prayers go out to their families and to all the brave men and women who are battling against such huge odds. I am not going to whine, after reading this post and seeing what you are going through. We are lucky and don't have the bad flooding that some places do. I hope that these extremes level out and that we all get the relief we need. And the accordian? How cool is that!!!

  2. Oh, how I do wish we could share. All we have is flooding, flooding and more flooding. The world is just crazy.

  3. Me too -- worried about flooding now. I was out digging trenches in the rain yesterday to try to drain water away from my barn, but I am STILL thankful the drought has passed and that we are not at risk of fire.

  4. oh, bless you and all of your animals!!!!

  5. Boy, I'd better not complain one bit about our weather. We have enough rain, but no flooding. (And, yes, grass that grows 6" overnight. Sorry. Sure wish we could send it to you.)

    Our area has many highly trained forest fire fighters and they haven't been spending much time at home this season. Very fortunate for us (no fires) but not for other places that have been experiencing the horrible fires. I've never known of any of these people who aren't totally dedicated and have a real passion for what they do. Our prayers go out to the families of those who recently lost their lives.

    At least your big trees still look lush, green and healthy.

  6. Would love to trade you some rain for boulders.....

  7. Your Tour spinning look great! Hope you have AC; I did a little spindling during Brian's violin lesson in a hot, still house and the fiber just stuck to my arm. :-/

  8. I don't know if you do these award things, but I have nominated you if you would like it.

  9. You are the busiest, most energetic person I have had the pleasure of "meeting".

  10. What an interesting life you have. I would love some of your boulders, but not badly enough to fetch them. We had your high temps and drought the last two years, but so far our weather (tornadoes notwithstanding) has been very pleasant this year.

  11. I am a volunteer fire fighter. Such a devastating loss.
    Your spinning is wonderful! Keep going.
    I love your misters. If this keeps up I may have to try to set some up here. Only in the 90's but summer is just starting.
    Stay cool. Think about your fire evac plan, just in case.

  12. Your yarn is lovely and you're the second person I know who is doing the Tour de Fleece. Michelle, over at Boulderneigh, is doing it as well. As to your temps...whew! I cannot imagine and don't want to!

  13. I hear ya Audrey. I see alot of whining about the rain on FB. I hate that. Why can't they just accept it when others don't have it. So sorry again that you are so hot and dry. Poor Dollar, all that fur, maybe you should give him a furcut.

    Not quite sure what you said about your niddy noddy wool stuff but I'm sure it will be great when finished.