Saturday, July 6, 2013

Major Crash on my Tour de Fleece

It's really not pretty ......  So far in the heat I had been making some progress, with 5 bobbins filled, whoops no more empty bobbins to spin on today.  So tonight I decided at 9:30 to go out on the porch and spin in front of the fan.  Temps here are still hot at night, like 79 / 80 degrees is the coolest.  About halfway thru plying two bobbins, CRASH, THUD, Screeching Halt.  The treadle attachment broke.  Now I have to see if I can find a fast repair for Louet S10.  I sent an email to local yarn shop that sells Ashfords, her husband assembles and repairs wheels, maybe he can come up with some sort of fix to get me back on track.

Now I know I should be saving those empty paper towel tubes.

Dinner ... when it's hot who wants to cook.  I try to keep a bag of cooked shrimp and hard boiled eggs around just for this reason.

Wish I could send all this sunshine and hot air to everyone out there that is still getting rain.


  1. Oh, my! Hope you didn't suffer any "road burn" when you crashed. (Not to make light of your accident . . . heckuva time for it to happen. Hope you can get it fixed quickly.)

    Your shrimp dinner looks wonderful. Perfect meal for your hot, miserable weather.

  2. Glad you have a back-up "bike"!

  3. oh, bummer! and even spinning at night in 80 degrees can't be that comfortable. i do hope you can get repaired soon!

  4. I hope you get your stuff repaired soon. The weather is supposed to cool down as you mentioned too. It was 54 degrees here this morning, very refreshing after 10 days of 100 plus. I love that dinner plate, so fresh in the heat.

  5. What an odd thing to break! Can you use the other wheel? I like to ply with my drop spindle.
    If I can get done baling hay this afternoon, I will take my wheel outside and spin in the yard.
    Good luck with your repair.

  6. Good idea about keeping shrimp around. I'm going to try that myself. Even with rain our temps are creeping up.

    What a time for your wheel to break. I'm sure a fix is forthcoming.

  7. Sorry about your spinning wheel. Hope you get it fixed. Salad looks yummy.


  8. That stinks! But you can ply with your travler.
    I use my travler for my art yarn and to ply my yarn. I purchased a jumbo flyer for it about a year or so ago, works great for that.
    Hope you find the part you need.

  9. YIKES! Sorry about the wheel and hope it's fixed quickly.

  10. I hope you were able to get it fixed. I give you a lot of credit - the last thing I want to do in this weather is to work with wool! That cool dinner looks so amazingly delicious! I think I will hardboil some eggs when I get home. You would think, having chickens as I do, that I would think more of ways to fix eggs...