Saturday, August 31, 2013

Another Newbie ...........................................

This time it's a little white face bull calf, I have 4 cows here,  3 belong to my daugher, this one is hers, I was hoping she would have had a heifer, but we walked up this afternoon and double checked and it's a bull.
The winds have shifted and now the smoke from the Rim Fire is drifting this way, sky is not pink in the picture above but a dirty brownish grey.  Now everyone can see why I am so jealous of all the posts of green, green grass, my pastures will look like this for couple more months, been like this since April.  Just enough stubble left to keep the sheep and cows  from being bored in between twice a day feedings of hay.  Next 7 days temps are going to be mostly in the 100's....

I had company last week .... and since they were pulling a big travel trailer in to park/store for a bit I went out and moved the dumpster up the driveway to make it easier to turn in.  Well I was pulling it up to the gate with the Kubota and when I got out to push it over to the fence it was stuck on a clump of grass, so pushing wouldn't work, went around to the other side and pulled .... and ended up with a close encounter with the dumpster ..... yup, that's me all battered and bruised jusr above my left knee.

Looking forwatd to a change of seasons here, this one is the best, only one with 2 names, Autumn and Fall ..... maybe if I get out some fall decorations I can hurry it up .... Ya think?


  1. ow!!! not the kind of fall colors you want to see! :)

  2. owie, take care of that knee and that cute little guy.

  3. Ouch, that looks like it hurt. I sure do hope you and those firefighters get some rain soon.

  4. You are going to have to take care of yourself. Too many mouths depending on you. Hope it doesn't hurt as bad as it looks.

  5. Ouch is right! That doesn't look good. Taking on a dumpster is not what you want to be doing. The dumpster will always win.
    Love the baby bull calf. Why aren't they as good as a heifer? Doesn't your daughter breed her own cows? I don't know about this stuff but find it all very interesting.
    We had so much less smoke today, but it appears it is heading toward you. Wish it would keeps going east and dissipate into the Nevada desert.
    Let's hand a few Halloween decorations and pray for Fall. I, like you, am totally tired of Summer.

  6. oh my that looks like it hurts! Sorry about your encounter with that mean old dumpster!
    I can't begin to know how hard it must be to have and keep grazing livestock with nothing to graze on ...
    I hope you see green grass soon.
    Ours, still growing and I am having to cut it down. It will start to slow a bit now tho ...

  7. Ouchie! Not good fall colors at all!
    I hope they get that fire put out soon so all that nasty smoke goes away. I think putting out the fall decorations might help speed things up a bit, couldn't hurt! ;)

  8. Hey there - just wanted to say thanks for your visit and hanging with me through my long absences! Hate that you're dealing with the smoke and fires up there and all the dry weather. Better watch those dumpsters - they'll just up and kick ya! Ouch!