Saturday, August 24, 2013

Yosemite, Stanislaus County and Toulumne County fire

Social Media, is playing a big part in the wildfires of California.  The current big  fire in Stanislaus and Toulumne County and has now spread into NW Yosemite National Park has been growing rapidly.  One of the major concerns now is the water and power system at Hetch Hetchy Reservior that supplies the Ciry of San Francisco 150 miles away.  Originally I thought this was due to the several lightning strikes that started fires all over California last week,  which is likely, but I see now the cause is listed as unknown.  Let's all pray for these emergency personnel that are coming from all over California and Nevada as well.  Fortunately our temps have dropped at least 15 degrees this week.

There are several Facebook pages set up one is:
Cal Fire....
and another is:
Rim Fire Info ....

In addition there is a local group of horse and livestock owners have a FB page listing locations, facilities, and equipment available for help if someone needs help to evacuate with links to Animal Control and the Sheriff's Posse.

California has had more than it's share of wildfires this year and do to the extreme dry conditions these fires are huge.  There is some excellent photography on these FB pages as well as Satellite images.  Two minutes on local network news just does not capture the magnitude of this fire.


  1. terrifying for all involved! i feel for those firefighters - and as you mentioned, all the property owners and those with livestock to worry about!

  2. Are any of these fires threateningly close to you? (I don't know my geography as I should.)

    Firefighters from our area are currently out battling some of these fires.

    Prayers for everyone involved.

  3. I'm also confused about how close you are. I hope you're out of any potential fire zone.
    God, what a disaster that would be if the hetch hetchy got destroyed. Stay safe.

  4. So sad Audrey. Are any fires close to you.

  5. I was thinking about you when they were reporting on these fires. I too was wondering how close you are. I hope they are able to save the Giant Sequoias and, most importantly, any homes that might be threatened.

  6. Just like everyone else, I've been wondering how close they are to you. Sending thoughts for all involved and hoping for rain or some other relief.

  7. My grandfather used to fight forest fires, and tells the stories of what those fighters go through. They are very brave, and very appreciated. I hope they can get things under control soon before even more is destroyed.

  8. I can't imagine what those fire fighters must go through. Such an unbelievable challenge. I pray for their safety, as well as for the well-being of everyone in the path of these horrific fires. I hope everyone gets relief soon.