Saturday, August 10, 2013

Explosion, the Population kind

 When I went out to feed, I take the Dorpers out to the front pasture to feed so they do not follow me around the other sheep pens and pull hay off the mule.  When I opened the gate for them to go out there I was missing one, hmmmm, Ms. Widebody was not with them.  I looked thru recent photos cause I thought I had taken a picture recently, guess I didn't take one.  Well I found her in the old falling down barn along with a set of triplets, one ram and two ewe lambs.  I shouldn't complain, these guys are what pays the hay bill around here.

And also had a new little Pygora doe kid born week and half ago, so the Pygora herd has gone from the 4 I bought to now 6.  I noticed mama was getting chubbier but since she came with an udder from her last kidding I was not expecting her to kid the end of July.  

Well August is now one third over with, still hot and dry in good old sunny California, but we are getting closer and closer to fall every day.  I will be so happy this year to see rain, if we ever get any.

Take care, I wish there was some way to divert those storms over Kansas and Missouri to California and help our firefighters.  I just saw on the news recently the 19 Smoke Jumpers families will not get full benefits for their loss due to they were considered seasonal workers.  I'm sorry but their lives were worth as much as a full time firefighter in the long run.  Even if it was their first day on the job, their families deserve benefits for their commitment to go in harms way.

Putting away my soapbox for tonight.


  1. i'm totally in agreement with you on the benefits. it is so sad...

    glad you're having healthy little ones, and even though we need rain here, i'd gladly push it on to s. cal. to help!

  2. Love your new babies.

    And you are totally correct about the benefits. Doesn't seem right.


  3. I sure hope you get some rain soon, I wish I could send you some. You're right about the smoke jumpers, very sad.

  4. You've got lots of company on that soap box....they should get their benefits, no doubt about it...

    Good luck with the "additions"!

  5. I completely agree. Infuriating!

    The babies... :-D

  6. re. the 19 smoke jumpers...that's is so WRONG! their families deserve better.

  7. Sometimes I would like to see how the people who makes these kind of asinine decisions would feel if their own family member was killed in service and they were denied the benefits and respect. Ugh.

    Glad you have lots of new babies running around! :)

  8. OK, so why have I not discovered your blogs before. You're inspiring me already. My huge "bale" of fleece is going to keep me for a while, but I'm going to have to buy fleece from you next year. I love shetlands; in fact, I have a friend who I've been trying to convince to buy a few. She already has a mini menagerie, so why not. Thanks for stopping by my bogl. I'm definitely going to start following you!

  9. Congratulations on the new additions! Surprises are always fun, aren't they?

    I can see why folks would love to control the weather. You've had none and we've had too much!

  10. Oh how neat! Babies. Yes, I agree about the benefits. It is a shame there is always a loophole to deny someone what they should receive. Have a wonderful week.

  11. What a nice surprise!
    I am the same as you, my Cheviots pay the bills for the Shetlands ... Without them, I would just have very expensive fleece! I keep toying with letting the Cheviots go, but right now I can't ... They have been very good keepers for me.
    Sure do hope when fall arrives you get much needed rain ... STILL raining every day here in KY.

  12. Nice looking babes! It seems as though fall has arrived here a month early - maybe you will get the same! We can always hope. And I hope that you get rain with your early fall, too.

    I can't imagine that they would allow that to happen. And how can they possibly shove those brave guys/people into a 'seasonal' template. It is just plain wrong. I hope The Man comes to their senses and pays up.

  13. I was really surprised when I heard that about the benefits for those Firefighters the other day. Whose bright idea was that?!? Grrrr...
    Congrats on the new additions, they sure are cute!

  14. Yeah, seems that more and more rules and regulations are designed and implemented for "big business" than for the people who risk their lives and do the actual work. The firefighters do what they do because of a "calling" rather than it being just a job. It's downright despicable that the families aren't getting the benefits they deserve.

    Your place is just popping out little ones right and left!

  15. those little ones are so adorable. About the cat, I agree with you, it does not look like any bob cat I as far as the coloring. And it also has a large head. The best way to tell is in profile, because bobcats look boxy, I think, but of course, this one just turned his back to me. I posted it without saying anything, because I wanted other opinions.

    Even though we have mountain lions here, I still think it is a bobcat, albeit an unusual looking one. I'm looking for him to come around again so I can get a better look.