Monday, August 19, 2013

More kids

I have always kept my Boer billy in with my Nubian / Boer does all year 'round, they always kidded in February or early March, no problem.  I don't keep smelly or destructive billies so no problem keeping them with the does.  Well this doe kidded on February 12, 2013 with a set of twins.  I have noticed lately that she was much fatter than the other 2 does.   Then last week her udder started to inflate like a large balloon.

Saturday when I went out to feed this is what I found ...... another set of  twins, a little red billy and a nice little doe just like mama So, from February 12th to August 17th, that's only 6 months and 5 days ..... gestation period is 5 months ... must have something to do with the drought because Dorpers have been lambing at 7 months too.  Oh well so much for downsizing.  I really should put in more pens and separate off the billies and the rams and breed for February lambing / kidding only when there is some grass for them.  But I am sure they prefer to come into the world when it is nice and warm (HOT actually) and sunny vs. rainy, windy and cold.

I wanted some better pictures today than the ones I got last night, but these two just did not want to co-operate for a photo shoot, as soon as I would put them where I wanted to take their picture they walked away, only time they were facing me they were in my shadow.

This mama doe was one of a set of triplets that were all naturally polled, am hoping this little girl will be too.  The does are getting old and it's time to have some new ones.  I have been waiting for the last couple years for more naturally polled doe kids, all I got was one buck, did not keep him.  Will keep rubbing the top of her head like Alladin's Lamp checking and hoping for no horns.

As for the Shetlands I do keep them separate since I have more than one ram and they are registered, getting to be time to decide which ewes will go with which rams and who will sit out this year.  I will have to do something for the Pygoras soon as I have a young kid to wean and don't want him in with the does.  He may have to become a wether.

Lots of thunder and lightning last night, no rain, started as I was finishing chores, fortunately it was cloud to cloud lightning vs. cloud to ground and off in the distance, I do not like being outside during thunder storms.  No problems here but my daughter lost power at her house few miles away when a transformer blew up.  Still some clouds today but am hoping the thunder and lightning are done.


  1. i hate being outside or in the barn during thunder and lightning, too! i hope you can get some rain, soon.

    loved the 'alladin's lamp' statement. hope it works!

  2. Omigosh, those two new little kids are beautiful. I'll take them both!

    Sounds like you've got some animals shuffling and pen switching to do at your place soon. Always something, huh?

    Hope the thunder (no lightning, please) brings you some rain.

  3. Awwww...sweet little kids! It's about time for me to be thinking about who to breed my dairy does to.
    I do hope you get some rain. We have a 30% chance all week. There was thunder and big clouds awhile ago but it fizzled out.

  4. What gorgeous kids! Sure hope there will be rain with all that noise. I am no fan of cloud to ground lightning...

  5. Such cute little bables.

    Please, please rain on California soon. :)

  6. awwwww, what a sweet surprise!

  7. You are so buys with your goats. So sweet those little ones. We had a lots of lightening too, all night long, but just a cloud burst of rain the day after. It's humid now, so I'm hoping for more. It smells so good after the rain.

  8. So cute! I'd love to get goats and see how long it takes the dopes in my neighborhood to figure out they're not designer dogs. :o)

  9. Interesting how droughts can affect the oddest (to us) things. Very cute kids :-D.