Monday, September 17, 2012

Another project and a yard sale find

Last year I found this antique spinning wheel on Craig's List

Last week I bought this Ashford Traveler from a member of local Fiber Group ... I am trying to learn to spin without frustration.  Since I have Shetland Sheep and Angora Goats I should be finding a use for all these fleeces.  I should have taken this picture from a different angle so you can see my lumpy yarn, LOL.

Last Friday on my way to the grocery store I stopped at a yard sale, this was a house I have stopped at before and found lots of things.  This big bowl was $5.00, wouldn't it look good full of potato salad?

Turned it over no identifying marks but hey, for $5.00 to fill with potato salad ... still a bargain

The lady put the bowl in a plastic bag and I never notice until I got home ........... LOL, guess I could tape a Potato Salad Label over that.  I think I have seen an ad for these bowls in Country Sampler Magazine.

The news today said we had the hottest August on record and looks like September might be too, didn't have many days that were record highs, highest I remember was 109, have had single days higher than that in the past.  Looks like we are dropping into the 90's and there was some 80's in the 10 day forecast.



  1. i know of several folks in blogland who have taken up spinning. pretty neat!

    the popcorn bowl is too funny. maybe a sale item for craig's list? bruce's list?

  2. Hello, love the spinning wheel, looks great. The bowl is a great price at $5.00, funny, potato salad, popcorn, no never mind. Well, it`s a cool day here, we are only in the 50`s, but I`ll take it. Blessings Francine.

  3. I love the spinning wheel too. I'm looking forward to following your learning curve, with critters like those you have, I see some wonderful woolen pieces in the future. I've never been to Kingsburg, just driven past it. I have a friend who lives in Strathmore and we have been thinking about driving over there some day. It's finally in the 90s here and it may be getting even better this coming weekend if you can believe the weather reports. Hottest summer I have ever experienced.

  4. Oh gosh TL, one of these days you're going to try to spin some slubby designer yarn and lament how easy it was in the beginning, LOL.

  5. Well, the bowl has a funny story ;-). Wonder how a blend of Shetland and Angora would look/feel. Have fun and relax. Lumps and bumps are pretty :-D.

  6. Loved reading about some of your thrifty finds. I'm a thrifter also and have a separate blog for my flea market / yard sale / thrift store finds. It's

    Check it out if you get a chance. Thank you for visiting my As Life Happens blog! I'm your newest follower.

  7. Hey, I'm anxious to see what you spin and make from your wool. I think that spinning wheel is awesome! And as for Bruce's Popcorn bowl, well you just turn old Bruce around and put him in the corner! I still like that bowl. White w/blue - always a good combination!

  8. I love Bruce's Popcorn bowl. I think it will be a conversation piece, well as a good potato salad bowl... or anything else. I can hear your guests now... "Who's Bruce?"
    The spinning wheel is wonderful. Wish I had one.
    p.s. I think it's getting cooler... Hooray! Fall is on it's way.

  9. Poor Bruce might still be lookin' for his favorite bowl... *haha*
    I love your spinning wheel.... I have dreamed of having one of those!

  10. Although I've never had an urge to learn how to spin, I surely do admire the beauty of your spinning wheels. I think your wheel was the bargain for you recently. Bruce's popcorn bowl? Maybe not so much. (Regardless, the potato salad will still be yummy.)

    Your temps are still way, way too high for my comfort level. We had 38 this morning with a bit of frost on the roof tops.

  11. That is a great bowl - Bruce's or not - and a good deal, too. I am hoping to learn how to spin this winter when thing slow down. Right. I like that Ashford wheel - I predict lots of great spinning over your way.