Thursday, September 20, 2012

I went to get a Life Line Health Screen today, took camera along for the ride again and took a few random  pictures while driving around  .................

St. Anthony's Church

Stopped by a peach orchard that has not been picked yet to snap this one.

A few years ago you could have bought this store on Ebay for $600,000 dollars, actually that was the price of the whole town, population 30, it included another building on this side of the road.  The store was built in 1920, the town did not sell and the store is still in the family and open for business.

Inside the store is a real step back in time, with old wood floors, forgot to take a picture of the old original lunch counter and the round swivel stools.  I came real close to a face to knee cap encounter with a wild boar like the one on the wall about 8 years ago here, he had decided the goat barn was a nice spot to spend the night New Year's Eve, thank goodness I had not been out drinking the night before and had 2 dogs with me for our encounter.

The store is full of old antiques

top shelves are filled with old bottles and memoribilia, even a couple of wheels

Unusual gate topper and they have 2, other one is identical and is on the driveway to their house

Today the horses were all out near the road

They even posed for a picture instead of taking off like the crows did.

Should have some Dorper lamb pictures soon, several ewes are getting close to lambing.  
Shetlands need to be put  in with the rams one of these days.


  1. Hello, loved the pictures you posted today, mmm peaches right off the trees. Would like to rummage around that antique store, yipee!!!! Nice the horses posed for you, tee hee, beautiful. Blessings Francine.

  2. I love that old country store. Having a wild boar encounter must have been something else.

  3. love all the stuff in that store! and LOVE those gate toppers! the clock/bell tower on that church is impressive, too. thanks for taking us along!

  4. I love it when you take your camera! It's so much fun to view your world vicariously.