Friday, September 21, 2012


Another beautiful sunrise, I didn't notice the flock of birds on the left
until I enlarged the picture on my computer

Bella telling me enough time on the computer, she wants 
some one on one time

When I went outside to feed I noticed all these vapor trails, I thought 
the Shuttle must have flown over, nope it is still in So Cal 
until this morning, should be passing over the valley soon now.

I guess the weather conditions were just right for
vapor trails, there goes another one.

And now then end of the day another perfect display from the sun.

Wishing you all a great weekend, look up and the sky, never know 
what you will see.


  1. oh, that last scene... gave me chills.

    bella is adorable!!

  2. Beautiful skies you have. And what a cute dog! That nose!

  3. Do you remember how blue the sky was in the week after 9/11? I remember laying outside on our feed store ramp marveling at how blue the sky was w/o airplane trails and pollution attached to clouds. It was beauty out of a horrible time.

  4. What kind of dog is Bella? She has a very sweet face. I heard the drone of the airplane and looked up and there was the Endeavor, not even high in the sky. The plane flew so low and so slow one really got a good look at the shuttle.

  5. Bella looks like she wants her dinner! You get gorgeous sun rises and sunsets.

  6. My hound does that,he dictates how much time I should spend on the computer.bellas so cute and pretty too.