Saturday, September 15, 2012

Time to rally the internet troops again .........

I just read on the Dancing Donkey's blog that another Texas city is planning a Donkey Roping event.  Please stop by her blog for the details of the event to be held in Eden, Texas and send your comments along too.

We managed to stop the one in Van Horn, Texas a few months ago, let's put a stop to this one also.  Donkey's don't need to be subjected to this abuse where they use cattle prods to give them an electrical shock to get them to run just so they can rope them and call it entertainment.

Please go to The Dancing Donkey and get the details.

If they want donkeys for entertainment they should try Donkey Basketball, now that could be fun to watch.


  1. Hello, thats sickening, come on, always the animals abused for entertainment, so so tired of it. Will link on to her for she. Blessings Francine.