Thursday, September 27, 2012

Graffiti Today / Road Trip Yesterday

It's that time again, set of Dorper Triplets this morning, several more ewes due soon so I got out the marking paint and tagged these three.  They are much easier to mark on the first day, by second or third day they do a good job of either out running me or zig zagging making them hard to catch.  Also I mark the ewe first, it is easier to match the lambs to the ewe that way.  Some hear the pffffffft from the spray can and end up with racing stripes, so babies get matching stripes if that's the case.  These are one ram and two ewe lambs.

They got red dots up on top their shoulders.

I finally got off my duff yesterday and took Shetland and Angora fleeces off to a new start up mill north of here.   My intentions of taking pictures of all the bags of fleece were good, just forgot and boxed them up ... oops too late for pictures.  Baa Baa Black Sheep have you any wool, yes sir, yes sir, lots of bags full, actually over 44 pounds worth.  

 I passed this ranch once before, they have 2 of these trucks, one on either end of their ranch.   I didn't find a place to pull off to take a picture of the first one, but had time to look for a wide spot in the road to get this one.

Weather here continues to be hot, but hey it's a dry heat, still in the 90's.  Love reading all the blogs lately about cold almost freezing temps.  


  1. racing stripes. :) made me smile. congrats on a good delivery of triplets!

    i like that old truck! cool ranch decor, for sure!

  2. Are triplets the norm for sheep? I have one doe who has had 4 at her last two kiddings.

    Love the old truck!

  3. Neat idea for marking sets. It's too hot for breeding here but we're trying to cool off. I can't wait for lambs and kids come Jan & Feb. I may try your idea. I intend to ear tag sets but dont always get it done.

  4. Better weather for lambing than cold, wet temps. Racing stripes - isn't that the truth? It doesn't take long for them to get their hooves going. I'm not familiar with Dorpers - are they primarily a meat breed? Cute lambs! What are you going to do with all that wool - roving or yarn?

  5. I am still amazed that you guys are still in the 90's. Such cute lambs. All of our lambs are born in the spring. Would never breed for now. Too cold on the babies.

  6. The babies are adorable! Do they usually have three or it it unusual? I think we may be in the 80s today, but it will get hotter again next week. About 36 to 46 degrees at night. It helps a lot and our mornings are beautiful now.

  7. Just caught up reading your posts I had missed while on vacation. I enjoy your pictures so much. 44 bags of wool. What are you going to make? As usual I have enjoyed my visit.

  8. I know you're sick of your hot weather but so much better for the lambs to be born in that than the cold, damp weather they'd have here.

    It looks so dry in your pictures. I imagine all those high temps have sucked all the moisture out of your ground. Hope it changes for you soon.

    Loved seeing the pictures of the triplets!