Sunday, September 16, 2012

Green vs. Brown

Yesterday I went to local craft festival, I wanted to get pictures of some of the hot air balloons, well I got there about 9:30 and they had all taken off around 8 and went north of town, not a balloon in site.  Lots of booths and vendors at the festival but nothing I could not live without.  Visited a friend that owns the local yarn store and then came home.  So all I got pictures of to share are of the road coming home.

This is a local Thoroughbred Horse Ranch's race track

Usually these pastures are full of horses, but they were hiding out near the trees at their feeders.  That's "My" mountain in the back ground, well it's not really mine, but the one I have a view of across the road.

When I pulled off the road to take pictures there were about 30 crows around that puddle in the pasture, I guess they were shy and didn't want their picture taken or maybe some of them were on the 10 most wanted list anyway by the time I was ready to take their picture they were gone.  This ranch is between sections of the river and has irrigation.

Coming closer to home, the trees in the foreground are walnuts, larger trees past the power lines are along the river, the trees in the distance are more oranges

Orange trees climbing up the mountain.

This picture is just right of the one above and to the left of the other one I posted recently of my house.

Can't wait until I can take picture when everything is green and green with snow on the mountain in the background.


  1. no wonder you're always talking about how green texas looks in my photos. that is some pretty country, but i hope you get some rain to green things up again!

  2. I would love to see that mountain every day. It's beautiful, green or brown!

  3. It's a beautiful place. Reminds me of our foothill country.

  4. don't want to sound redundant, but that is the most gorgeous scenery, ever! Wow!

  5. How beautiful! My sister lived in Phoenix before she passed away and we took several cross country trips out there from South Carolina. I just loved going through New Mexico and Arizona. It's awesome how it jumps from desert to mountains and from hot to cold. We left in early June and some of the mountain ranges that we drove through were in the low 30 degree range. Enjoying reading your past posts!

  6. Purdy, purdy scenery you have there, ma'am!